Paying for activities


Some activities require that you place an 'order' and then pay for it. For example, this might be ordering your child's meal for Hot Food day, buying a Senior School Jumper for your Year 12 student, or purchasing tickets for a movie night.


Unfortunately, Community Portal does not currently provide a 'shopping cart'. So if two or more of your children have the same activity listed, you will need to pay for them separately. These activities are the ones where your children are the 'invitees.' Other activities allow you to purchase multiple items on behalf of your family (like movie tickets). For these, you will be the 'invitee' and you will be able to make all purchases in a single transaction.

Step-by-step guide

Follow these steps as a general guide to paying for activities:

  1. Click/tap the Attending button for the item to which you want to respond.
  2. You will see a screen containing ordering information. Select the items and quantities you want to purchase.

    The name of the event will be shown at the top of the window with the invitee's name. For quantities, type in the number of the items required, or use the  and  buttons to adjust the amount. The total cost will be shown in the Payment Amount space. Enter any additional information in the space provided (for example, special dietary requirements for a food-related activity). 
  3. Click/tap Next. The screen will prompt you about payment methods. 

  4. To select a payment method, either click/tap New card (you will be prompted to enter your details):


    Click/tap Stored cards, then click/tap Select for the card you wish to use. 

    After you have selected a card, it will be shaded in yellow.

    If you don't have card information stored, you will simply be presented with the credit card payments details. See the article Manage your payment details for more information on stored payment details.

  5. After entering your payment details or selecting a stored card click/tap Pay Now.

  6. When prompted, click/tap OK to confirm your payment.
  7. You should now see a 'receipt'. Click/tap Email to have it sent to your email address or Print to generate a printed copy.
    When you next view the Activity list, the status of the activity will be set to 'Attending' and the amount you paid will be shown in the 'Amount Paid' column.


The details requested in the response window will vary from activity to activity. If you are unsure how to respond, please contact your campus, quoting the activity name.



Additional resources

About the timer

You will notice that the Community Portal payment gateway has a timer:

This is really designed for purchase of tickets. You've probably seen this kind of thing when booking tickets to a movie, concert or sporting event. Unfortunately, we can't disable this for individual activities. However, it should be possible to enter your payment details in five minutes. Just be aware that the clock is ticking once you reach the payment screen. If the time lapses, Community Portal will take you back to the Activity page.

Making additional purchases

After you have made your purchase, you can make additional purchases. Perhaps you've ordered tickets for a school production for your family, but now want to buy more tickets for your child's grandparents. Simply click/tap Attending and follow the steps outlined in this article.

Any subsequent purchase will be added to the existing purchases. Subsequent purchases don't replace the previous purchase. This is reflected in the number shown in the Amount Paid column, which is the total of all purchases.

If you think a transaction didn't work, don't make another one immediately. You might inadvertently make an additional purchase! Instead, check the Amount Paid column, and if in doubt, contact your campus.