Navigating around the Google Apps tools

Once you have Logged into your Google Apps account you will need to know how to find your away about among the various tools that it offers.

To move about in Google Apps:

  1. Login to your Flinders Google account.

  2. Click on the icon near your profile picture that looks like a Rubik's cube.
  3. Click one of the tools to select it.

  4. The tool you chose opens in a new tab in your browser.


    Drive is a useful tool to get acquainted with early. It is the Google equivalent of My Documents in Windows. It will show you all of the items you have created or have been shared with you using your Flinders Google account.

  5. Click on the More button to see a couple more options, including Photos, Hangouts and Google Classroom.


The tool navigator is always visible to you at the top of any Google window.