Finding your Occupation Group


The occupations provided in the 'Occupation Group' drop-down list in 'My details' have been provided by the Department of Education. The Department of Education requires all schools to request and maintain family occupation information according to this list.    

It can be difficult to find the closest match for your job position by scrolling through the drop-down list. Theses instructions will simplify the process. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. If you are not in paid employment you can select one of the following items, then skip to Step 4.
    • Home Duties.
    • Student.
    • Unemployed.
    • Volunteer.

  2. If you are in paid employment, please refer to the official list of occupations - SchoolFamilyOccupationIndex.pdf.

  3. While viewing the document, you can use the search tool of your browser or PDF viewer to locate key words that describe your work (CTRL+F in most Windows-based programs, COMMAND+F on Macs). Otherwise, read through the categories to find the occupation most similar to the work you do. Once you have selected an occupation make a note of the title as it appears in the list.

    The list is not comprehensive, so it's possible you won't find your exact role listed. Try to find the role that best describes your work.

  4. When selecting from the drop-down list of occupation groups in 'My Details' you can type the first few letters of the title to jump to that point in the list.