Windows connection instructions


You can use any of the popular web browsers in Windows to access the Flinders network. To set up your Windows device, you must download and install the "Certificate" using a browser. 
A Chrome browser works best, but there are some additions steps you'll need to follow if using Firefox. See the article Additional Firefox browser instructions.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click on this Certificate link.

    If you see a warning prompt, click the Keep button.

  2. Click on the downloaded Flinders_Root_CA.crt file to open it:
           Cert1 - image

  3. In the Certificate window, click the Install Certificate... button:
    Install Certificate - image

  4. Click the Next button:
      Next - image

  5. Select the 'Place all certificates in the following store option, then click the Browse... button:
       Browse - image

  6. Select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store, then click the OK button:
       Trusted - image

  7. Click the Next button:
       Next 2 - image

  8. Click the Finish button:
       Finish - image

  9. Click the OK button:
       OK 2 - image

    With the certificate installed, your Windows browser should now be able to access the internet to perform searches in Google etc.