Apple iOS connection instructions - Only Install With Safari


Connect to the FCCC WiFi Network with your Username and Password, install the file (called "ipad_signed.mobileconfig") below and trust the certificate. This only needs be done on your device the first time you connect.

These instructions have been updated for iOS13


To setup your Apple iOS device for the BYOD network, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you follow these instructions on your Safari browser

  2. Click this file FCCC_WiFi.mobileconfig. Then press Allow on the popup

  3. Once the pop shows downloaded

  4. Open up settings on your phone

  5. Underneath your name you will see a new tab named 'Profile Downloaded'

  6. Click on 'Profile Downloaded' and click 'Install'

  7. Enter your pin

  8. Now click 'Install' again

  9. Now click done

  10. Open settings app → General → About → Certificate Trust Settings 

  11. Enable "Flinders CC College Root CA"

  12. Congratulations. Your phone wifi is now connected to the internet. 

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