Edit your details in Community Portal


Community Portal lets you see and edit the details we currently have stored for you in our database. If you move house, change email address or phone number, or even change your name, you can use Community Portal to advise us of those changes. This article explains how to update your details.

You will need to sign in to Community Portal to make changes. 

Step-by-step guide

The steps below show how to edit your details. In this example, we'll imagine a parent wants to enter a phone number and add a minor detail missing from the address. This general process can be used for any piece of information stored in Community Portal.

  1. After signing into Community Portal, click/tap on the My Details tab.

  2. You will see a list of tabs near the top of the screen. The tabs are labelled with the names of your children, your name, and other members of your household. Click/tap the name of the person whose details you want to edit. (Your name might already be selected.) 
  3. The left-hand side of the screen will show a list of categories. The contents of the list will depend on whether the selected person is a student or parent/guardian. Click/tap the category for the item you want to edit. (In this example, we'll assume Addresses has been clicked.)


  4. Click/tap the word Edit located to the top-right of the information you want to edit. (Note that some categories have more than one section of information, each with its own Edit link.)

  5. Make the necessary changes to the information. In this example, the country has been set to Australia and a home phone number has been added.)

  6. Click/tap Save (located to the top-right of the section you are editing). 

    After you have saved the changes, you will briefly see a confirmation message:  

    All the items you changed will have an 'i' (information) icon beneath them together with the previous value for that item. Click/tap the icon to see the more details about the change you made. ('N/A' is used for items that were previously blank.)

What happens next?

The administrators at your campus will briefly review your changes and then accept them. After that, the changes will become permanent in our system. In almost all cases, this approval will occur within two business days. We may contact you directly if we notice something that seems to be an error. See the article What happens after you change your details.

It's easy to edit most of the items in Community Portal: type in the appropriate information in the space available or select a value from a drop-list. However, entering details about your child's medical conditions requires a little more explanation. The instructions for these are discussed in the article Edit your child's medical details in Community Portal.

Additional resources

List of items

The tables below provide a 'map' of the items you can edit in Community Portal. The right-most column lists the editable items, and the first column shows the category (or tab) where you can find the item. Items in green are considered optional, and items in orange are not required or used by the college and can be ignored. All other details should be entered if they apply.


Category (Tab)SectionsItems available for editing


Title, Given names, Surname, Preferred Name 

Personal DetailsDate of birth, Gender, Mobile Phone, Email address

Demographic InformationCountry of birth, Nationality, Language spoken at home, Religion, Parish
AddressesAddressStreet address, Suburb, State, Postcode, Country, Home Phone

Postal AddressStreet address, Suburb, State, Postcode, Country
OccupationOccupation DetailsOccupation Description, Company, Occupation group, Work phone, Work mobile, Work fax, Work email
Census InformationCensus InformationHome Language, Highest Secondary Year Level, Highest Qualification level


Category (Tab)SectionsItems available for editing


Given names, Surname, Preferred name

Personal DetailsDate of birth, Gender, Mobile Phone, Email address

Demographic InformationCountry of birth, Nationality, Language spoken at home, Naturalisation date, Religion, Parish

English as an Additional language

English as an additional language, proficiency

MedicalMedical conditionsFor each selected or added medical condition: Severity, Details, Emergency Treatment Details, Other Treatment Details, Confidentiality

MedicationsFor each added medication: Medication, Medication details, Dosage, When, Administration Method, Expiry

AllergiesFor each selected or added allergy: Severity, Description, Treatment Details
Immunisations & HealthCareMedical InsuranceMedicare number and Line number, Medicare expiry date, Private health insurance, Ambulance cover

Emergency ContactsFor each contact: Name, Phone, Alternative Phone, Address, Relationship

Medical ContactsFor each Doctor contact: Name, Phone, Alternative Phone, Specialisation, Address
RequirementsDietary RequirementsRequirement, Requirement:Details
AbilitiesAbilitiesCan swim 50 metres, Details