Connect your own device to the Flinders Network

This section will help you connect your own computer, tablet or smartphone to the Flinders BYOD network, Moodle, Printing, and other online tools. If you have tried the steps below try visiting the article Troubleshooting Flinders network for assistance.

Conditions of Use

By connecting to the Flinders Network, you agree to abide by the FCCC conditions of use, and you acknowledge that your activities may be monitored, including (but not limited to) the college keeping a record of the websites you visit while connected to the network.


Follow these steps to connect to the FCCC wireless network:

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your device.

  2. In the list of available (or discovered) networks, select FCCC.

  3. Enter your Flinders username in the Username space (called "Identity" on some devices). E.g. wsmith27
  4. Enter your Flinders password in the Password space.

  5. Android devices only. |
    Under CA Certificate,
    1. Choose "Select certificate"
    2. Select "Don't validate"
  6. Click / Tap Connect
  7. On Android/iOS/MacOS a pop up may appear. Select trust the connection, keep connected or always connect whichever is appropriate.


The following steps need to be completed either onsite once connected to the FCCC wireless network or at home using your home internet connection. For information on why these steps are needed see the article Data Decryption. Follow the link for the particular device you are planning to connect.