Student Overview of Flinders Connect App



Flinders Connect is an easy to use app that brings together many of the tools you need to stay in touch with what is happening at Flinders Christian Community College. You can install the app on iPhones, iPads or Android devices.


The calendar is a personalised view of upcoming events at Flinders. It can include excursion dates, student free days, special events happening at school, term start and finish dates and much more. The calendar knows which events to show you, based on your login and which children you have enrolled at Flinders.


The school can send you forms to complete with the app.  They'll show up in the forms section and show as a counter on the button.


When Flinders wants you or your parents to know about something important or urgent, that information may come in as a notice in this module. A late returning bus from camp, or perhaps a change of plans for a scheduled event at school - you will be alerted via Notices.


The fortnightly newsletters are now fully online on our website. The Newsletter module of the app allows you to locate and read all of the available newsletters in a single location.


The Learning module contains four different areas.  For each area you will be able to see more information about your classes.   


See today's timetable, or view any day in the fortnight.

Due Work

Any assignments or homework with a due date in ourFlinders (Moodle) will show here, ordered by due date.

Grade Notifications

As changes are entered by teachers, these changes will show here. Changes can include new or changed grades, observations and feedback.

Classes and Grades

Classes and Grades is a summarised version of your report. It shows the current overall grade or level being achieved in each subject, as well as the individual grades on tasks that make up the overall grade.


Contacts shows you a list of your teachers, with a link to moodle message them from the app.

The Links module has other web links that are useful in the everyday life at Flinders. These might include Uniform, Booklists, Bus Routes and others.