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About passwords

All our systems and tools at Flinders are protected by passwords. your main username and password will get you into most of the systems you'll use, but there are some exceptions. Here are the things that your 'Network' (or 'FCCC') username and password will give access to:

  • Our BYOD network (the WiFi system you connect to with your own device).
  • College Owned computers (such as those in the computer labs, library or on a laptop trolley).
  • Moodle (for your courses, timetable and reports).
  • AccessIT Library system.
  • Printing.

There are some systems that use exactly the same password as your Network password, but have a slightly modified username. 

  • Office 365, Google Workspace and Adobe
    Your username for Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace and Adobe is your network username with added to it. For example, if your network username is bsimpson17, then your Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace and Adobe username would be 

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