Retrieve your Flinders Community ID


Your login name for Flinders is a unique 4 or 5-digit number, which is referred to as a Flinders Community ID or Community Portal ID. These IDs are issued to parents and guardians when joining the Flinders community. However, if you cannot remember your ID, don't remember receiving one or can't find it on an invoice, you can retrieve the ID using the Password Self Service system. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Using a web browser, visit the site:
  2. Enter your mobile phone number, first name and last name in the spaces provided.

    When entering your mobile phone number, enter it as a sequence of ten digits without spaces, for example:

    (tick) 0403123456

    Don't include spaces, the international code or other symbols. These won't work:

    (error) +61403123456
    (error) 0403 123 456
    (error) 61 403 123 456

  3. Click/tap Search.

  4.  Your Flinders Community ID (Login Name) will be displayed: