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A moodle course exists for each subject in which your child is enrolled. These courses contain notes, quizzes, practice examples, assignments, reference material, videos, audio clips, discussion forums and more. Your child will upload assignments into a Moodle course, and can potentially receive feedback through that course. 

Parents and guardians have some level of access to all the Moodle courses that their children use. While you might not see everything available, you should be able to see the things that matter most, like assignments, due dates and downloadable resources. 

Step-by-step guide

There are several ways to get to a Moodle course. The most common methods are described below, and all assume that you have logged into Moodle.

Using the side menu

  1. Toggle open the side menu. 

  2. Click/tap the subject in which you are interested.

Via your child's timetable

  1. View your child's timetable.

  2. Locate the subject of interest on the timetable and click/tap the name of the subject.

Via your child's report

  1. View your child's online report.

  2. Click/tap the Attainment - Details tab.

  3. Click/tap the subject of interest. This will take you to the report for that subject.
  4. On the subject report page, click/tap View class page



Moodle offers a function that lets you search or browse for courses. The menu item labelled Search will take you to a page that lets you do a comprehensive search for courses. You are welcome to try using it, but we recommend you use one of the four methods above because they are much faster and simpler for your needs. The search function is very powerful, but some 'know how' is required to use it effectively. Besides, you won't have access to many of the results it produces.


Additional resources

What is a Moodle course?

A Moodle course is a page of information relating to one subject or topic. The majority of courses in ourFlinders (Moodle) relate to a particular subject taught to a specific class. There are some courses that are available for general viewing, such as pages of information about instrumental music, camps or sport. With the exception of these general viewing courses, students can only access courses for subjects in which they are enrolled. Similarly, parents and guardians can only access courses in which their children are enrolled.

The structure of Moodle courses is fairly consistent from subject to subject, however, the actual content can vary considerably.

Parents and guardians can view much of the content, but not all. Certain items that could potentially be assessed (forums, quizzes, glossaries) are not available to parents because doing so might reveal information that breaches our privacy rules. If you come across such an item, you will see a message similar to ‘You need to be enrolled in this course to view this content.’ If your interest is in viewing your child’s results, the best place to see these is in your child’s report.



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