Moodle (also known as ourFlinders) is the college's online learning management system. Moodle is the system through which teachers provide resources and set assignments and quizes. Students use Moodle to upload their assignments and participate in online learning activities. As parents and guardians, you will use Moodle to obtain semester reports for your children, see your child's timetable, and communicate directly with classroom teachers. You will also be able to see elements of each subject's content, including assignments, due dates for submissions, and resources, which can guide you in assisting your children. 

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What’s the difference between ourFlinders and Moodle?

Moodle is learning management software. We have used this software to build a website called ‘ourFlinders’. When you log into ourFlinders you are using the Moodle software. That said, don’t worry too much about it! When most people at Flinders use the two interchangeably.

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