New Families Quickstart Guide

Getting Help

There is assistance to be found for all of our online systems in our knowledge base. The address for this resource is:

At this site there are articles tailored to the needs of both parents and students. Click the Parents & Guardians link for help in using Moodle, accessing the Community Portal and other key Flinders systems.

Accessing Our.Flinders

Reports for Flinders students are integrated into our Moodle Learning Management System, which can be accessed at:

Help Logging in

When your child starts at Flinders Christian Community College an account is automatically created for you.  Flinders will email you notification of your Flinders Community ID with instructions on how to set up your account for the first time. 

Clicking on your campus will take you to the login page.  If you have never logged in to Flinders before you will need to create your Flinders account password.  Log in using your Flinders Community ID and password.  

Viewing Your Child’s Report

Once you have logged in to the system, click on your child’s home campus link. You should then see your child in the block on the right hand side. You will notice links to their Report and their Timetable.

About the Observations

The observations are designed to give you an indication of the behaviors and attitudes your child is exhibiting in each subject.  They are recognisable by the gold colored bars.  Click on the bars for any subject to view the detail about how the observations are assessed. 

About Attainment Grades

Attainment grades are the task assessments for each subject. The tasks for each subject are grouped into categories. Click on the green bar to view the categories for each subject. Click again on a category to view the tasks for that category.

Flinders’ reporting system is continuous, so as soon as tasks have been graded, teachers will begin entering assessments into the system. This will mean that your child’s attainment grade will fluctuate as the semester progresses, until all assessments have been completed. Check the reporting portal regularly to view your child’s progress in each subject. 

Locating Teacher Comments

Teachers will give a comment on key assessments for some tasks. If a comment has been given, you will see a green bubble beside the task grade. Note that not all tasks will receive a comment.

Comments are found by clicking on the subject bar, then one of the category total bars.

Past Reports

The reporting system allows you to track back through recent reporting cycles to view your child’s progress over time. Look for the cycle drop-down tool to switch to a previous reporting cycle.

If you wish to access reports from a previous semester or year, use the Past Reports tab, and download the report you wish to view.