Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews using Microsoft Teams


Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews are an opportunity for parents and students to talk to teachers about the progress of the student.

Please note that as of Term 2 2024, Flinders is using Microsoft Teams for video interviews instead of Zoom.

  • You won’t need a Microsoft Teams account to sign in with. Logging in as a guest will work.

  • If you are using a computer/laptop for the interviews, you won’t need to have Microsoft Teams installed. It can run in any browser.

  • If you want to use your smart phone to attend the interviews, you will need to install Microsoft Teams first onto the phone. The Microsoft Teams app is free in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. You are still not required to create an account.

We use a website called “Parent Teacher Online” (or PTO), which can be accessed via . You need to use your unique username and password that is sent to you via email for each interview round.

The video below shows how to:

  1. Book your interviews

  2. Attend your interviews via Microsoft Teams, using a computer OR a mobile phone

Video - How to book your interviews and attend via Microsoft Teams

PTO - How Parents Book and Complete Interviews Using Teams.mp4


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