Finding your way around Moodle

Moodle (ourFlinders) is divided into sections: one for each campus. You should see the Front page after you log in. It contains large icons, one for each campus. Select the campus where your children attend.

As you browse down into the content, the breadcrumb trail will be updated to show the path you’ve taken. Click any of its links to go back a page or two. (If ever you get ‘lost’ in Moodle, click the word 'Home' in the breadcrumb line or the ourFlinders button, and this will take you back to the Front page.)


A set of menus are displayed across the top of most pages. These mainly contain links for staff and students. However, the 'Help' menu might be of interested to you because it provides help with using Moodle and the Flinders by Design Reporting Portal (online reports).

The top-left corner of the screen contains a toggle button that opens the side menu. This side menu contains a list of all the courses your children are enrolled in. Explore this menu and the courses to find out more about the subjects your children are studying, including the homework and assignments they have been set. You can also get to the list of courses from the item in the 'Navigation' block. 

Your campus homepage has a large image for each sub-school: Junior, Middle and Senior. Click the images representing the sub-school your children are enrolled in to find out more information about those sub-schools. (The fourth image, Staff Room, is for staff use only.)

Beneath these images are a number of links. Parents will have access to all items in the 'Links for parents' and 'Extracurricular' links. 

Parents can access their children’s reports and timetables by clicking on the links in the 'My Children' section near the top-right corner of the page.

Your Campus Home Page contains a calendar of upcoming events for the campus or the college as a whole, such us student-free days. Subject pages contain a similar calendar, but it contains events relating only to the subject (such as due dates for assignments).

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