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This section provides how-to information for parents and guardians that will assist in communicating with the college and using our systems. 

Flinders Account   (parent login)

Your Flinders Account gives you access to all of the systems below.   Logging in with your Flinders Community ID and password allows you to connect with our systems. 

Flinders Connect

Flinders Connect is an integrated communications platform for parents – One place to communicate. It provides access to all College Systems and content specific to your family for each child

About Moodle

Moodle (also known as ourFlinders) is the college's teaching and learning gateway for students. Moodle is the system through which teachers provide resources and set assignments. Moodle is also the home of our online reporting system.

Community Portal

Community Portal is your administration and communication gateway to connecting with Flinders. It lets you review and update the details we have recorded for you and your children on our system.

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Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews using Microsoft Teams

Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews are an opportunity for parents and students to talk to teachers about the progress of the student.

Assisting Students

Detailed guides and 'How To' articles for students may be found here. This includes assistance with installing and using software such as Moodle, Google Apps, Microsoft Office and Zoom

Technology Service Desk

If you are still having problems after reading the help, please email, providing your name, contact email address and a brief outline of the issue you are experiencing. One of our support technicians will get in touch as soon as possible.


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