Obtain a key to activate Windows 10 Education


For students using a laptop with a Windows 10 S operating system, the 'S' version will prevent the installation of certain recommended software - like Google Chrome.
The good news is that Windows 10 Education is freely available from Microsoft for all Flinders students to download and install. 

Follow the steps in this article to download a key to activate Windows 10 Education after it has been installed.
(The key will also allow you to do an in place upgrade of your Windows 10 Home, or Windows 10 S or even Windows 7.)

If Windows 10 Education needs to be installed, see the article Download and install Windows 10 Education

  1. Navigate in a browser to the AcadCloud website at https://academic.softwareone.com 
    then select Student - Australia - Flinders Christian Community College Student :

    A welcome message will advise that you first need to register as a student using your official email address, which is your Flinders student Gmail address.

  2. Click the Login button,
    then click the Register now link at the bottom of the Login window :
  3. Enter the required details and choose a suitable password, then click the Register button at the bottom :

    (In this example, a student with Flinders username wgates21 is using the email address wgates21@fccc.vic.edu.au to register.)

    An email will be sent to your Flinders email account, confirming that your registration was successful.
    Wait for this confirmation email to arrive before proceeding with step 4 to obtain a Windows key.

  4. Select the product Microsoft Windows 10 Education (Multilanguage) with price AUD 0.00 :
  5. Add this item to your cart, then go through the checkout process.
    Afterwards, you will receive an account invoice that mentions a Product Number.  (This product number is the 'key' you will use to activate Windows 10 Education.)