Installing Microsoft 365 Apps on your computer


Our licensing arrangements allow students and staff to install Microsoft 365 Apps on their own computers. This article describes how to do this.

Step-by-step guide

To install Microsoft 365 Apps:

  1. Using a web browser, visit

  2. Enter your email address (see note below) and click Next (or press Enter).

    Students: Your username for this process is your network user name followed by For example, if your network username is bgates16, then your login will be

    Staff: your username will be your usual email address, for example,

  3. Enter your password at the prompt and click Sign in (or press Enter).

    The password will be your usual network password.

    Never share your password with someone else!

  4. Assuming you are installing Microsoft 365 on a Mac or PC, click the link labelled Install apps, then select Microsoft 365 Apps. (If you want to install the Microsoft 365 Apps on a tablet or smart phone, see the article Installing Microsoft 365 Apps on mobile devices.)


  5. You may be asked to Save a file to your computer or it will automatically download. Click Save.


  6. The install file should download. Some browsers will prompt you for a file name and location. If so, select a place to save the file then click Save.
  7. Open or Run the file you downloaded. How you do this depends on which web browser you are using: 

    • In Firefox, open the downloads menu and click the file you just downloaded. 
    • In Chrome, open the menu attached to the downloaded file and click Open.
    • In Microsoft Edge, wait for the file to download then click Run.

  8. If your computer asks whether you want to allow the program to run, click Yes. You might need to log in as an administrator. 

  9. Microsoft 365 Apps will now be installed. You will see a progress message during the installation process and a confirmation message when it is finished. 

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