Printing from the Web (for students, black & white only)


Note: WebPrint is no longer recommended. We recommend PaperCut's Mobility Print solution - Click here & choose your device.
Anyone wanting to print to a school network printer from a BYOD device can use the Web Print function. This is available as an alternative method of printing directly from a BYOD or school-owned device. Follow these instructions to print a document file using the Web Print function.

This method of printing is for black and white printing only. For colour use one of the other printing methods as listed here.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Prepare a document to be printed as either a PDF file (.pdf) or a Picture file (.bmp, .dib, .gif, .jfif, .jif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tif, .tiff).
    These are the only supported file types that Web Print can process.

  2. Ensure the document is stored in a location where the Web Print function can access it. (Apple iOS device users must save the file in a cloud location, like Google Drive or One Drive. Windows users can either save to a local folder, or a cloud location like Google Drive or One Drive.)

  3. Open a browser and navigate to the Web Print login screen at
    Sign in with your Flinders network username and password, then click the Log in button:

  4. Select the Web Print option, then click the Submit a Job link:

  5. Select an appropriate printer, then click the Print Options and Account Selection button:


    Use the navigation links at the bottom of the list, if the required printer isn't found on the first page.

  6. Adjust the number of copies to be printed, then click the Upload Documents link:

  7. Use the Upload from computer button to browse and open a file:


    Windows users can also choose to drag and drop a file into the document file area.

    Always ensure that the file to be printed is 'closed'. If it is open in any application, the file icon won't appear and you won't be able to print the document.

  8. Click the Upload & Complete button.

    When completed, the job status will show as Finished: Queued for printing :


    Click the Submit a Job link again, if you have further print jobs to submit.