Send a Moodle message to your child's teacher


Our learning management system, Moodle, has an inbuilt, private messaging system. This is referred to as Moodle Messaging. Parents and Guardians can send Moodle messages to their children's teachers.

If you need to contact a member of staff urgently, we strongly recommend that you contact the campus by phone to request that the staff member call you at their earliest opportunity.

Step-by-step guide

To send a Moodle message to a homegroup or subject teacher:

  1. Log into Moodle.

  2. View the timetable for your child

  3. Look for the name of the teacher to whom you want to send a Moodle message, and click on that name.

  4. You should see a photo of the teacher in a blue-coloured box. Enter your message in the space at the bottom of the screen labelled 'Write a message,' then click/tap Send


When you receive a reply to your message, Moodle will show a 'notification' number on the Moodle Messages icon (shown in the top-right corner of the screen). The number tells you how many un-read messages you have. Click My Messages to view the messages.

Additional resources

Messaging other members of staff

You can use Moodle Message to contact other members of staff who are not currently teaching your child. For example, you might want to contact a year level coordinator or head of school. The process is more or less the same as sending a message to your child's teacher. However, you won't be able to use the timetable as your starting point.

  1. Log into Moodle.

  2. Click/tap the messages icon in the top-right section of the page:

  3. Click/tap the link labelled 'New Message.'
  4. If the staff member's name is already listed (you have previously messaged that person or received a message), simply click the name.

    But if the name is not listed, type in part of the recipients name in the 'Search for a user or course' space.

    Click on the name of the staff member you wish to contact.
  5. Enter your message in the space at the bottom of the screen labelled 'Write a message,' then click/tap Send.

Message notifications menu

The notifications menu is your shortcut to all your Moodle messages. It shows you a summary of the most recent messages, and whether you have read them. Messages that have not been read are shaded in a slightly different colour and have a number indicator to show how many messages from that sender remain unread. Click/tap 'See all' to go to the main messaging area, or 'New message' to start writing a new message.