View finance details


The 'Finance' page of Community Portal allows you to view your account details, including the balance of your account, individual transactions, and receipts. In addition you can make payments through this page.

Step-by-step guide

The steps below show how you can view your finance records:

  1. Sign in to Community Portal.
  2. After signing in to Community Portal, click/tap the Finance tab:

    You will now see the finance details:

The menu on the left-hand side of the page represents your 'accounts.' Some parents and guardians will have a single account, others may have several. The number of accounts depends on how you have been invoiced in the past, and the extra-curricular activities your children participate in.

By default, your main account ('Family Debtors') will be selected. To select a different account, click on the account name in the menu.

The top section of the page provides a basic summary of the currently selected account, including the current amount owing and details of the last statement.

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