Student Gmail to Outlook Migration FAQ


What is changing with my email?

Student email is swapping from gmail to Outlook and the primary email address is swapping to the existing Flinders Account eg.

How will I get to my inbox?

Click on the email button on the launch page and log in with your Flinders Account eg.

How will I log in to Google Workspace?

The login for google Workspace is now your Flinders Account (eg. Log in with this account and your normal password.

How will I get notifications from Google Workspace?

Notifications from Google will arrive in your Outlook email, just as they used to in gmail.

How will I access my old gmail emails?

Your gmail inbox will be imported to a subfolder in Outlook.

How will I install my email on my phone?

Find Microsoft Outlook in the app store for your device and install it. Log in with your Flinders Account eg.


How will I navigate to Outlook on the web?

Outlook is part of the Microsoft 365 suite. You can find it listed down the left of the screen when you login at with your Flinders Account (eg.

What will my new email address / login be?

Your email address and login will be your Flinders Account that you already use for Microsoft 365 and Adobe. eg. and your password will stay the same.

What will happen to my old gmail messages?

All your email history will be copied into Microsoft Outlook into a gmail subfolder. New email sent to your old gmail address will land in your Outlook inbox.

Will new emails to my old gmail address get forwarded?

Your original gmail address will be part of your Outlook inbox and you will continue to receive mail sent to that address.

How will I use Google Apps with a Microsoft email address?

Log into google apps as normal, but instead of entering an email address ending in ga.flinders you will just use the one Flinders Account eg.

Will my Google notifications land in Outlook? eg. Docs share with me.

Google will treat your Flinders Account as your contact for notifications. All notifications will go to Outlook.

Links to Google docs will work as though the account is unchanged and take you through to the documents seamlessly.

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