Declining to attend


For most activities, it is assumed that a lack of response means that you don't plan to attend an event or make a purchase. However, for the sake of planning, we would appreciate your response, even if it is a 'No thanks!' 

For free activities, you can also use this function to cancel your previous response saying you will attend. You cannot, however, cancel an activity for which you have already paid. For that, you will need to contact the business office at your campus. 

Step-by-step guide

If you or your child will not be participating in an event, or you do not wish to make the related purchase, follow these steps:

  1. Click/tap the Apology button for the item to which you want to respond.

  2. When prompted with 'Respond as apology?' click/tap OK.

    When you next view the Activity list, the status of the activity will be set to 'Apology.'


Additional resources

(tick) You can use this function to 'cancel' free activities for which you have already responded.

(tick) After declining to participate as described in this article, you can change your mind and respond (or make a purchase).

(error) You cannot use this function to 'cancel' an activity for which you have already responded and paid.