What happens after you change your details


When you submit changes through Community Portal (either personal or medical details), your request will be reviewed and then accepted or (in rare cases) rejected. After the change has been accepted, it will become visible to you in Community Portal. This should normally occur within a couple of business days.

When a change request has been processed, a notification is displayed in Community Portal. This takes the form of a flag icon displayed at the right-hand end of the menu bar. The number next to this icon shows the number of notifications that you have not yet 'read'.

To find out more details about the changes you have requested, and the outcome for each, view the 'Action Centre.' Instructions are provided below explaining how to access the Action Centre and how to interpret the information displayed. 

Step-by-step guide

To open the Action Centre, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into Community Portal.
  2. Click/tap the flag icon located at the right-hand end of the menu: 

    You should now see the Action Centre:

About the Action Centre

The top section of the Action Centre lists the notifications. Each item represents a change request that you have submitted and which has since been processed.

  • You can distinguish between changes to My Details (for yourself or a member of your household) and changes to medical details (for your children) by looking at the description.
  • The list of changes shows a 'status' for each item. This will remain as 'Unread' until you mark the item as having been read. This is described below in more detail.
  • The created date shows when the change was processed by the college.
  • At present, the 'Actioned' column is not used.
  • If a change you have submitted is not listed, then it has not been processed.

Description and Detail

When you click/tap on a notification in the list, it will become shaded in yellow. The details of the selected item are then shown in the lower part of the screen.

The Descriptions tab shows:

  • what data items were changed
  • the previous of those items (if any)
  • the new values of those items (the change you made)
  • whom the changes were made in relation to
  • whether the changes have been accepted.

The Detail tab can be ignored. It is simply a log of the processing that has occurred in relation to your request.

On rare occasions, a change you submit might be rejected. This is only likely to happen if we detect an obvious error in the information (such as providing a landline number when a mobile phone number was required), or if you have provided a value deemed inappropriate. For these items, the rejected value will be highlighted in yellow.

If you believe that we should not have rejected a change request, please contact your campus. 

Marking an item as 'read'

By default, the notifications list will show only the items you have not yet read, or to be more accurate, not yet marked as read. Unlike Facebook, this does not happen automatically; you need to tell Community Portal that you have seen each notification. The good news is, this is very simple to do. To mark an item as read:

  1. Select a notification from the list.

  2. Clicking/tap the Mark as read button near the bottom of the page.

  3. Click/tap OK to close the confirmation message. The status of the item will change immediately, and will disappear from the list unless you have checked 'Read/Actioned' (more on this below).

Filtering the list

By default, when you open the Action Centre you will only see unread notifications, and in most cases, this is exactly what you want. However, you can control whether you see only unread notifications, only read notifications, or all of them. Do this by checking (or unchecking) the checkbox controls that sit above the list.