Attending a free activity


Some activities listed in the Community Portal require a simple confirmation. This might be to say that you are attending an event. This article describes the process for responding to such an activity.

Step-by-step guide

Follow these steps as a general guide to responding to a free activity:

  1. Click the Attending button for the item to which you want to respond:
  2. A window will open with spaces for the information you need to provide. Fill in the requested details.

    The name of the event will be shown at the top of the window with the invitee's name. In this example, a Father's Day event, the screen prompts for the number and name of guests. You would use the  and  buttons to adjust the number of guests, and enter names in the space provided. 

    In a screen like this, if there are insufficient spaces for the names of all the guests, put other names in the 'Additional Information' space.

  3. Click/tap the Next button. Community Portal will display a 'receipt'.  Click/tap Email to have a copy sent to your email address or click/tap Print to generate a printed copy.

    When you next view the Activity list, the status of the activity will be set to 'Attending'.

The details requested in the response window will vary from activity to activity. If you are unsure how to respond, please contact your campus, quoting the activity name.