One or more responses are not correct error message


When I attempted to reset my password by entering my mobile phone number, I saw a message like, 'One or more responses are not correct. Please try again.' 

Or, When I attempted to retrieve my Community Portal ID by entering my mobile phone number, I saw a message like this. 


The message 'one or more responses are not correct' means that the phone number you entered does not match the number recorded on our database. You might have: 

  • made an error when typing it, or included spaces or other characters
  • entered your current number correctly, but it is not the same as the mobile number we have recorded for you
  • entered you number correctly, but we don't currently have a mobile number recorded for you. 

Try entering the number again, taking care to enter it accurately. However, if the problem persists, contact your local campus to confirm that we have the correct mobile phone number recorded.

If you do not own a mobile phone, or have reasons for not disclosing your mobile number to the college, your password can be reset manually. To request this, visit or phone the campus, or send an email to Please be aware that you will be required to prove your identity before the password can be reset. Similarly, we can assist you in determining your Community Portal ID.