View a list of all activities (events)


Community Portal provides a means by which Parents and Guardians can provided online responses to Activities. An activity might be an event or it might involve a purchase. For example, an activity could be:

  • an event like a Grandparents Day
  • a school production or movie night
  • sale of a Year 12 school jumper, or food for Hot Food day
  • a survey.

The response required from parents and guardians can vary. You might be required to make a simple response ('We will attend the activity') or place an order and make a payment (for example, purchase tickets for a movie night). 

This article explains how to locate and understand the list of activities.

Step-by-step guide

The steps below show how you can find out what activities are listed for you and your family.

  1. Sign in to the Community Portal.
  2. After signing in to Community Portal, click/tap the Activities tab:

    You will now see the list of activities:

    If you need to know more about the activity, click/tap the Details button for that activity.

Activity list columns

The following table describes the columns in the activity list.

Column HeadingPurpose
DescriptionThis column provides the name of the activity. If you need to contact someone at your campus about an activity, be sure to use the name provided in this column.
This column provides the date (or dates) of the activity. If the activity has two dates listed, the activity relates to a period of several days rather than a single date. However, if the two dates are the same, it's likely the activity relates to a period of time. Use the Details button to see the times.

The Status column is a reference that shows whether you have responded to an activity. The possible values are:

  • Awaiting Response (you haven't taken action yet).
  • Attending (you have responded).
  • Apology (you have responded, the invitee will not participate in the activity).

The invitee is the person to whom the activity primarily relates. For example, if the activity involves purchase of items for a Hot Food day, your child's name will be listed as the invitee. However, if the activity is something in which you or your whole family can participate, such as a movie night, your name will be listed as the invitee.

Note that where students are the invitees, the activity might be listed multiple times. For example, there might be a Hot Food day activity for each of your children. You will need to respond individually for each child.


The Price column shows the cost of the activity or displays the word 'Free' if there is no cost involved. For most items, the amount shown is the base cost of the event or item. The actual cost depends on what you order, the quantity of items you choose, or the number and type of tickets you book. For example, the base cost for a movie night might be $10. This is the cost of one ticket for the invitee. You might choose to buy just one ticket for your child (which costs less), or a family ticket for your whole family.

Amount paidWhen you have made a payment, the amount you paid will be shown in this column.

Filtering the list of activities

At certain times of year, there will be a lot happening at Flinders and you will see many activities listed. If the list is a little overwhelming, you can customise it. For example, you can hide everything that you have already responded to, or select activities that have a date on or after the one you specify.

There are three filter controls available to you.

ControlWhat it does


This filter control lets you choose a date, and will hide all activities prior to the date you select. This is really useful for hiding anything that has 'come and gone,' and by default, it will set itself to today's date.

However, there might be times when you really only want to see what's coming up later in the year. In that case, set the date to sometime in the near future.

This feature can also be used to look back at past events. Simply choose a date that was some time ago. You should now be able to see those events.

This filter control lets you look at the activities for one invitee at a time. For example, you may want to see all the activities for one of your children, or just those for which you are the invitee. Set this back to 'All' to see activities for all members of your family.


This is probably the most useful of all the filter controls. It lets you limit the list based on whether or not you have responded and on how you have responded.

(Note that the 'Pending' option is not currently in use. If you select this, the list of activities will be empty.)